Power generation is anticipated in 8 months

The Cachoeira Caldeirão Hydroelectric Power Plant, located on the Araguari River in the state of Amapá, with 219 MW of installed capacity, is being built by Cesbe S.A. Engenharia e Empreendimentos. The plant received authorization from the National Electric Energy Agency (“Aneel”) this month to begin the commercial operation of the first generating unit, anticipating in 8 months in relation to the start of the contract. Temec collaborated with this anticipation, due to its range of products, and especially to the Sliding System, which ensured a remarkable schedule gain, reducing various costs for the work. The photos and the volume of the Araguari River seems to be a small work, but approximately 267,000 m³ of concrete was used for the construction of this plant. Without the use of TEMEC sliding forms, the plant’s construction period will triple.