Special Solutions

TEMEC is a company that always strives to be at the forefront, proof of this is the variety of engineering solutions proposed to its Customers over more than 15 years of market experience.

The objective of the company is to seek knowledge in the markets of its operation and transform it into products and solutions, building a working relationship and partnership with our Clients.

With this in mind, TEMEC has solutions already prepared and tested to offer to the construction market, always placing itself at the disposal of Customers who seek new alternatives, regardless of their challenge.

Inclined Slinding Formwork System
Chaglla HPP – Peru

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I Beam Formwork

Shoring Foundation Block Over Water
Railroad East West Integration – Brazil

I Beam Formwork
FIOL Bridge – Brazil

Inclined Slinding Formwork System
Chacrillas Water Reservoir – Chile

Coating Tunnel Walls Formwork
Simplicio HPP – Brazil